Knowledge Markets

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Mon, 06 Dec 1999 07:47:03 -0800

I just like the term "rebel bands". Hell, 5 years ago they used
to fire these people for rocking the boat. I think Nortel Networks,
Procter & Gamble, and all these companies should just outsource all their
ideas to FoRK.


"Using the Net for Brainstorming", Business Week Management,
Marcia Stepanek, Business Week, December 13, 1999.
[no online available]

"In management circles, it's called "knowledge markets." The notiion is
that large companies can harness the Web with small entrepreneurial teams
to drive innovation at a rate they've never before experiences. These cadres
are akin to nimble Silicon Valley upstarts, except that they live in the
bellies of large corporate beasts..... The trend now is to decentralize
operations, to build idea factories, or idea markets....

"So how do knowledge markets work? Rebel bands solicit ideas and pick
the most promising of them. IN some cases they pass the projects off to the
established business units. Other times, they create and fund internal startups
that use Web communications and collaboration to deliver new products and services.
The payoff for the innovators: bonuses or stock options...."

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