The Terminator vs The Germinator
Sat, 4 Dec 1999 11:10:01 EST

. . . which is what I've tagged the End of Days. I literally bit my knees
throughout the movie to supress eruptions of laughter. Don't miss this
movie. See it as an Omen spoof; you'll enjoy it all the more.

I'm listing a few comedic highlights below:

Rod Steiger's pants
The dialogue.

I was relieved when Arnold, while being told of impending doom if Satan is
allowed to mate with a chosen girl (we are never told *why* this particular
girl) between specific times on the eve of the new millennium, asks if that's
Eastern Standard Time! Intentionally funny, that line finally allowed me to
laugh aloud with impugnity! Rod, a priest, informs us that we've been
mistaken about the 666 symbolism all along: "No! Turn it upside down! It's
999, as in 1999!!"

I'm not joshing you guys.

Satan, in this movie, can piss gasoline but can't see through church walls.
He can withstand a barrage of bullets, but not a train wreck. He can coerce
anyone to do anything, but never sway top billing. I'm sure that's in
Revelations somewhere.

Push for Diversity gone awry: The virgin-impregnating scene inclides a slow
pan over a culturally and racially diverse group of devil worshippers, then
blows it a few minutes later when Satan raises/rouses a Black female cop from
the dead and orders her to "summon your people." Summon cops? No, summon
Black thugs to beat up Arnie.

I could go on and on, but I am tired and my sides ache. See it for yourself.


PS Satan is a Wall Street banker. :-)