AquaBlox... aged water for the paranoid in all of us

Rohit Khare (
Tue, 7 Dec 1999 16:03:00 -0800

[Marketing spin 101: you have to spell out *all* the uses. And as for=20
water distribution in events requiring crowd control, that's a water=20
*cannon* you need! -- RK]

What are AquaBlox?

"Aquablox are the state-of-the-art product for storing water."
--- Captain Van Ausdell, City of Beverly Hills=20
Police Department

1. Purified, commercially sterile drinking water boxes, aseptically=20
packaged, excellent taste, economical.

2. Water and packaging both comply with and surpass Federal=20
standards for purified drinking water.

3. Water is easily dispensed through attached, individually wrapped straw.

4. When frozen, may be used as a first-aid cold pack for bruises,=20
sprains, and other injuries. Longer lasting and significantly less=20
expensive than freezable chemical cold packs.

5. The most space-saving means of water storage. The configuration=20
of AQUA BLOX=AE cases and individual units makes it easy to stack.

6. Very functional for wound cleansing. By puncturing dispensing=20
hole with straw, AQUA BLOX=AE can be squeezed to eject a water stream=20
with enough pressure to aid in removal of infectious particles from=20

7. Can be stored at Emergency Operations Centers (EOC's) and used as=20
drinking water, without interruption of work. Eliminates need for=20
drinking utensils. Useful for food preparation.

8. Effective means of dispersing drinking water to emergency=20
personnel during field operations: fires, earthquakes, floods, events=20
requiring crowd control, command posts.

9. Each unit is an individual serving (8.45 oz). Easily dispensed=20
to evacuees, homeless, retirees, children, incapacitated people, and=20
others, by emergency personnel at a multi-casualty care center, Red=20
Cross center, or field hospital.

10. When empty, the top portion of AQUA BLOX=AE can be unfolded and=20
cut off to serve as a durable cup for liquids or food.

11. Simplifies water rationing and water management.

12. All units are date coded and marked as to contents and suggested uses.

13. AQUA BLOX=AE drinking water units are U.S. Coast Guard Approved.