Re: AquaBlox... aged water for the paranoid in all of us

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 8 Dec 1999 10:27:11 -0800

>I'm surprised they didn't mention compliance with any upcoming millennia.
> Cheers,

Tsk, tsk, doofus : The home splash page -- and if there was ever a
site that deserved a splash page, this wouldn't be it, Mr tetrapak --
calls it "water to get you thru the Y2K problem" (of course, there's
nothing like Hildon to get you thru a 4K problem :-)


Many experts believe there will be serious interruptions in the
delivery of basic utilities on January 1, 2000 due to computer
malfunctions. In light of these predictions we suggest you consider
the following:

* Water is the single most important item necessary for
survival, (next to air).

* A person can survive for long periods (weeks) without food,
but only for short periods (days) without water.

* In general terms, the human body requires 4 times as much
water as food. Therefore, for every pound of food consumed in one
day, it is necessary to consume about 4 pounds of water (which is
about 1/2 gallon).

* The safest and best way to store water is to have an
aseptically packed (sterile & without microorganisms) water product
which has a 5 year shelf-life. No water product can claim longer
than 5 years, and have a military approval rating. The Aqua Blox
brand is guaranteed to last 5 years, is aseptic, sterile, free from
microorganisms, and military approved.

* Store enough purified drinking water so that each person you
are provisioning for has about 1/2 gallon (8 cups) per day for

* Beyond the 1/2 gallon drinking water required daily for
survival, each person in an emergency situation needs 2 - 3 gallons
/ day for cooking and general hygiene.