FWD: Big moon action

Rohit Khare (rohit@uci.edu)
Thu, 9 Dec 1999 12:02:02 -0800

>From: Happy Hutagalung [mailto:happy@roedl.germancentre.co.id]
>Sent: Thursday, December 09, 1999 10:34 AM
>This year the Winter Solstice, December 22 -- the longest night of the year,
>will be extremely special. This is because the solstice will coincide with a
>Full Moon. Ah, but not just any Full Moon. The Moon will be within a few
>hours of its perigee, its closest point to the Earth. This will make the
>Moon appear to be about 14% bigger than usual. However, it is also only ten
>days from the Earth's perihelion, its closest point to the Sun. Since the
>Moon shines with reflected sunlight, then the moon will appear 7% brighter
>than usual.
>These events occurring together are extremely rare. This is probably the
>biggest, brightest moon of the Millenium as well as its last. That makes it
>a rare night indeed so check with your local astronomy clubs and pagan
>centers to find out what special events are planned. Whatever you do, get
>out and look at the sky. You will never see a Moon like this again, even if
>the world does not end seven days later.
>December 22
>Winter solstice is at 2:44 a.m. EST
>The moon is at perigee (221,614 miles from Earth), 5:55 a.m. EST
>Full moon is at 12:31 p.m. EST
>Don't miss it, Friends!
>EST : East Stand Time (12 hours before)
>Happy Hutagalung