Vanity Domain Names Again?? :)

Ian Andrew Bell (
Fri, 10 Dec 1999 15:47:21 -0800

Alright, so all the cool kids have their own domain name.

I caved. I paid the $70 and registered IANBELL.COM

Then I went to my friend Eric Woodward's service @ and set up a bunch of cool stuff that attaches
the domain to my existing email and web accounts using forwarding. Kinda cool.

Try typing in: and you get my lame old web site.

You can provision accounts on your vanity domain that forward mail, such as, which goes, you guessed it, to my email
address. You can also give these out to your friends (I don't know too
many who want to be

Then you can set up an email catch-all. This forwards ALL inbound mail to
<anyone> to my real email account. Coooool! The principle
application of this is of course for spam filtering.

Now you can register: ... for Yahoo! ... for BuzMe ... for Amazon.

G-Nifty. As an added bonus you get to nail them when they sell your email
address to some spammer. And you can change them easily. Very nice.

One drawback is that your friends can send you email using insulting
addresses like


PS - My ass is not hairy.