Re: Vanity Domain Names Again?? :)

Karl Anderson (
12 Dec 1999 18:45:35 -0800

Ian Andrew Bell <> writes:

> Alright, so all the cool kids have their own domain name.

Even cooler - warning, ego stroking ahead - is being popular enough to
not need a domain name. I tell people that if they forget where to
find me, just type "karl anderson" into Google, hit "I'm feeling
lucky" (or not), and I'm there. Also used this in a job interview to
demonstrate that I was creative - "I'm the most read Karl Anderson on
the web!" - but maybe I only convinced them that it doesn't take much
to make me feel important. For a while, I showed off that one could
just type my name into the netscape URL field & get to my page
(because of google), but some chump bought, so that's

I wonder which will happen first - I lose the eternal battle for net
popularity among Karl Andersons, or vanity domain names become a
quaint anacronism. Probably the former - all it takes is an actor,
politician, or other big mover in the real world who shares my name.

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