Current nano-cellular options for ad-hoc PBXs

Rohit Khare (
Sun, 12 Dec 1999 21:48:58 -0800

[for the scrapbook: a source for setting up field telephone networks
on the fly. --RK]

Long Range Phones
Standard Telephone Service Without Wires!

Ultra SN900 Long Range Phone

The most advanced long range cordless phone to date- loaded with
features never before seen in a long range phone:
FCC Certified - Legal to use in the USA!
Range of up to 5 Miles with the Optional External Antenna
Functions as a Wireless PBX with up to 4 Lines and 36 Handsets
(Requires Optional Equipment)
Vibration Alert
Caller ID / Caller ID Call Waiting
Full Duplex 2 Way Radio for Communication Between Handsets
Military Grade Secure Communication with Frequency Hopping
Sophisticated, Yet Easy to Use, Menu Functions

"The SN900 Ultra has a range in excess of 5.5 miles and an in
building penetration in excess of 11 floors" - quote from Wyle
Laboratories, Inc., an independent testing laboratory. This product

Basic, complete system (CM6061) $649.00
Complete system, 2 handsets (CM6062) $849.000
Handset Kit (CM6063) $249.00
Maximum range external antenna (CM6064) $189.00

Telemobile PTEL Systems
Our best, most versatile system

Get a data/fax/digital-compatible phone jack far from the phone
lines! Your existing telephones (including cordless phones), fax
machines and modems plug right in and work normally. Secure:
unauthorized handheld and mobile phones can't access your phone lines
and voice scrambling is available. Audio compander means great audio
and full 9600-baud G3 fax transmission speeds. 12VDC. Basic system
includes: Terminal, remote unit, (2) Yagi antennas and (2) 15M coax
cables. Many options, including payphone interface and 32-channel
selector switch. 24V, 48V and AC adaptors available. FCC approved.

2 watt PTEL (CP1858) $4500.00
10 watt PTEL (CP1859) $4900.00
25 watt PTEL (CP1860) $5800.00

Telemobile RTEL Systems
Most asked-for features, lower cost

50 mile range and features like the PTEL, minus the extra security
features and numerous options. Great for basic voice, fax and data
communications. Accommodates handheld and mobile phones, too. 12V
power standard; 24V, 48V and AC adaptors available. FCC approved.

2 watt RTEL (CP1861) $4100.00
10 watt RTEL (CP1862)$4400.00
25 watt RTEL (CP1863) $5350.00

Telemobile Multiple line, multi channel custom systems

Anything from small neighborhood systems to large village multi-user
set-ups with mobile, point-to-point, emergency, business, personal,
and pay phones. Combines radio with telephone by interfacing the
highest quality analog and digital communication techniques.
Interconnects all fre-quencies and all geographic locations. Prices
listed here for general budgeting considerations - please contact us
with your exact requirements for an exact quotation. FCC approved.

10-15 watt Multi-Line (CP1505) $8995.00
25-30 watt Multi-Line (CP1506) $9195.00
40 lines, 8 channels (CP1507) $32000.00