Re: Thirty, rest, and motion.
Mon, 13 Dec 1999 10:43:48 EST

I haven't seen anyone else reply to (well, comment on, since it brooks no
reply) Adam's amazing post, so let me simply say: amazing. And right in its
plea to see the circle as well as its atoms, the shape of the world as well
as the spike in the stock. I remember a decade ago trying to write a piece
about the opening up of Eastern Europe, as the iron curtain came clattering
down, and copying every day the news from the AP wire, till I realized I had
built up page after page of fish-wrap, none of it interesting in the least,
except insofar as it could be summoned up to illustrate a point. And so it is
as this decade ends, all our minds focussed on the individual dot-com dots,
wondering (not wrongly, if money is all it's about, which of course is not
so) if this dot is my ticket to fame, fortune, and a new Porsche once I am
allowed to sell some of the stock.But what's the point? (Rather, what's the
circle?) Warren Buffet said in Fortune that when a revolution comes, it's
very difficult to go long on the new world (because so many of its pioneers
die before they get to the promised land); better to short the ancien regime;
don't try to pick the winner among the 100 upstart startup car companies;
instead, short the horse.

My kingdom for a horse!


p.s. Of course, time and creativity aren't the only challenges: The greatest
of these is love, some guy said.