Re: A Vanity Hapax Legomenon?

Kragen Sitaker (
Mon, 13 Dec 1999 11:45:45 -0500 (EST)

The Karl Anderson writes:
> Ian Andrew Bell <> writes:
> > Alright, so all the cool kids have their own domain name.
> Even cooler - warning, ego stroking ahead - is being popular enough to
> not need a domain name. I tell people that if they forget where to
> find me, just type "karl anderson" into Google, hit "I'm feeling
> lucky" (or not), and I'm there. Also used this in a job interview to
> demonstrate that I was creative - "I'm the most read Karl Anderson on
> the web!" - but maybe I only convinced them that it doesn't take much
> to make me feel important.

Being called Kragen Sitaker --- and before that, Kragen Sittler --- I
had a hard time understanding this post at first. Of course every
single hit on Google or AltaVista on "Kragen Sitaker" or "Kragen
Sittler" is about me. (Although AltaVista helpfully inquires, "did you
mean RAGMEN, STACKER?") I'm afraid it's a lot less impressive than
being The Karl Anderson Google Finds.

Still, you can play the sucks-rules-o-meter game; AltaVista says you're
two to four times as famous as I am [0], more famous than Rob Malda, and
1/1536 as famous as Pamela Anderson:

word count: kragen sitaker: 240;
kragen sittler: 240;
richard m stallman: about 600;
cmdrtaco: 644;
rob malda: 851;
karl anderson: 1143;
philip greenspun: 6557;
bruce perens: 10500;
rohit khare: 20482;
richard stallman: 27841;
berners lee: 68996;
john lennon: 166711;
pamela anderson: 1755964

[0] I think most of the kragen-sitaker and kragen-sittler hits are
disjoint; +kragen-sitaker +kragen-sittler finds only one page,
my home page.

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