AADS & X.959 progress Press Release

Rohit Khare (rohit@uci.edu)
Tue, 14 Dec 1999 15:01:12 -0800

Six Companies Announce Plans to Support Proposed Digital Payments=20
Industry Standard

=46irst Data Corp., Compaq, TSA, Certicom, InterWorld and CyberSafe=20
cooperating to develop AADS digital payments infrastructure

MIAMI (Dec. 7, 1999) - A group of leading technology companies today=20
announced its support and plans to develop the Account Authority=20
Digital Signature (AADS) and proposed Accredited Standards Committee=20
(ASC) X9 digital payments standard. First Data Corp., Compaq Computer=20
Corp., Transaction Systems Architects (TSA) Corp., Certicom,=20
InterWorld Corporation (INTW) and CyberSafe together made the=20
announcement at the Bank Administration Institute (BAI) Retail=20
Delivery 1999 Conference here.

These companies are developing solutions for a secure digital=20
payments infrastructure based on AADS, to be used on either the=20
Internet or at point-of-sale terminals. A demonstration - including a=20
reference implementation and Internet-based merchant web site - is=20
available at the conference. (To make an appointment to see the demo,=20
visit booth #1242.)

An implementation of this secure digital payments solution uses a=20
smart card and personal identification number (PIN), that, when=20
combined, provide a secure "digital signature" for purchases=20
transacted either on the Internet or at a point-of-sale terminal. The=20
PIN activates the signing key in the smart card to give each=20
transaction a unique digital signature. Once initiated, the secure=20
transaction is authenticated as being uniquely associated with the=20
buyer, and is securely transferred through the authentication process.

This digital signature system provides the purchaser with a greater=20
degree of security and privacy than traditional systems, while=20
simultaneously providing the merchant with greatly reduced=20
charge-back and transaction repudiation. With AADS, the card issuer,=20
which has the existing consumer relationship, handles both the=20
authentication and the transaction authorization. By eliminating the=20
need for third-party authorization, the likelihood of theft of credit=20
card content and information - including numbers on the Internet - is=20
reduced. The AADS solution applies equally to credit card or debit=20
card processing.

"First Data is supporting this and other security and authentication=20
solutions and protocols desired by consumers, merchants and bank card=20
issuers. We are committed to ensuring that electronic transactions -=20
whether over the Internet or at a brick-and-mortar merchant location=20
- are as safe and secure as possible," said Lee Adrean, executive=20
vice president of First Data Corp., responsible for the company's=20
Internet Commerce initiatives.

"CyberSafe and First Data have been working together to meet an=20
important market requirement for digital payments - security=20
infrastructures that provide a worry-free environment for consumers=20
and merchants in conjunction when using real or virtual smart cards"=20
said Jim Cannavino, chairman and CEO of CyberSafe Corp. "CyberSafe=20
believes that AADS is the basis for financial settlement, security,=20
and on-line shopping experiences that directly address consumer=20
security and privacy concerns as well as eliminate merchant concerns=20
related to charge-backs and repudiation of charges."

Each of the companies supporting the statement of direction will=20
contribute a unique and important part of the infrastructure:

* First Data Corp. intends to support its customers by=20
providing AADS-enabled transaction processing services and smart=20
* TSA intends to support AADS in software and services based on=20
its BASE24=AE, i24=81 and e24=81 product lines, with particular focus on=20
implementation of a "PIN Debit on the Internet" capability.
* Certicom intends to provide the elliptical curve encryption=20
technology for smart card and authentication engines.
* Compaq currently ships certain components of the Compaq=20
desktop, server, and laptop product lines enabled for reading/signing=20
AADS smart cards. Compaq also provides the Compaq NonStop=81 Himalaya=20
S-series product line that supports TSA BASE24=AE software product=20
* InterWorld intends to offer digital signature support as part=20
of its Enterprise Commerce solution.
* CyberSafe will enable security for AADS, by providing=20
e-commerce application developers a software development kit (SDK)=20
and other security infrastructure products and services to enable=20
rapid deployment of an AADS infrastructure.

About First Data

Atlanta-based First Data Corp. (NYSE: FDC) helps move the world's=20
money. As the leader in electronic commerce and payment services,=20
=46irst Data serves more than two million merchant locations, 1,400=20
card issuers and millions of consumers, making it easier, faster and=20
more secure for people and businesses to buy goods and services. For=20
more information, please visit the company's web site at=20

About InterWorld

InterWorld Corporation is leading the Enterprise Commerce movement=20
that enables businesses to compete and evolve in today's new digital=20
economy. With InterWorld's Commerce Exchange solution, manufacturers,=20
distributors and retailers can get to market quickly, scale to meet=20
growing demands, as well as, evolve to keep pace with changing market=20
conditions and customer demands. For more information, visit=20

About TSA

Transaction Systems Architects' (NASDAQ:TSAI) software facilitates=20
electronic payments by providing consumers and companies access to=20
their money. Its products are used to process transactions involving=20
credit cards, debit cards, smart cards, home banking services,=20
checks, wire transfers as well as automated clearing and settlement.=20
TSA solutions are used on more than 3,200 product systems in 75=20
countries on six continents. For more information, visit=20

About Certicom

Certicom is a leading provider of next-generation encryption=20
technology used to build strong, fast, and efficient security=20
solutions. Major computing and communications companies, such as=20
3Com/Palm Computing, BellSouth Wireless Data, Hewlett-Packard,=20
Motorola, Pitney Bowes and VeriFone, incorporate Certicom technology=20
into electronic commerce software, wireless messaging applications,=20
and smart cards. For more information, visit www.certicom.com.

About Compaq

Compaq Computer Corporation is the second-largest computer company in=20
the world and the largest global supplier of computer systems. Compaq=20
develops and markets hardware, software, solutions, and services,=20
including industry-leading enterprise computing solutions,=20
fault-tolerant business-critical solutions, enterprise and network=20
storage solutions, commercial desktop and portable products, and=20
consumer PCs. Customer support and information are available at=20

About CyberSafe

CyberSafe is a privately held corporation founded in 1991. Its=20
award-winning TrustBroker=81 Security Suite, Defensor=AE, and Centrax=81=20
product lines are designed to enable secure electronic business,=20
while reducing administration costs. CyberSafe is headquartered in=20
Issaquah, Wash., and on the World Wide Web at www.cybersafe.com,=20
please send requests to info@cybersafe.com.

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