Re: no, Echelon is impossible

Karl Anderson (
15 Dec 1999 23:17:07 -0800

Eugene Leitl <> writes:

> monitors TV broadcasts in REAL TIME and sends you an email
> instantly when your keywords are spoken. We watch TV for you when you
> are not able to, which makes TVEyes a great way to get the latest news
> on your interests as it is being said.

Well, they're only monitoring the closed caption stream.

Ives, a 15-year software developer in his first major Web
venture, developed a program that allows computers to watch
TV by monitoring the closed caption portion of news, sports and
general-interest programming.

TVGuardian is a little more impressive. It's a set-top box that
claims to use the closed caption stream to filter out profanity in
real time.

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