Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Sun, 19 Dec 1999 08:26:29 -0800

Overcoming my initial disgust with myself for filling out a chick
survey, my curiousity killed me. I thought I was an alpha
geek too, but 78 leaves a lot of room above--not
quite the top 3%. I took particular pride
that I don't know Visual Basic nor Fortran.


> Carey Lening wrote:
> For all of us few and far between girls who dig the geek culture, they have come about with a test for us to
> test our geek levels. IMHO, it was pretty pathetic. But none the less, I ranged a 73. Quite cute, none
> the less.. They even offer mentors for those of us not so geeky. I really do dig this site;)
> --BB

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