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I don't get it. How come I got

>Your score is: 39
>Your Geek Level is...
>Well you didn't quite make it to the top but you're pretty close.
>You've got all the makings of greatness: the knowledge, wisdom,
>experience, and dedication. Soon enough people are going to
>take notice and catapult you to Geek stardom. Polish those coding
>skills cause you're just a few steps behind the Alpha dream.

and the Great Bolcer was in the 70's? Perhaps it's a testosterone thing.

Pack it on.

- S

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> Gregory Alan Bolcer writes:
> > Overcoming my initial disgust with myself for filling out a chick
> > survey, my curiousity killed me. I thought I was an alpha
> Was it pathetically cute, or cutely pathetic?
> > geek too, but 78 leaves a lot of room above--not
> > quite the top 3%. I took particular pride
> > that I don't know Visual Basic nor Fortran.