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Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Mon, 20 Dec 1999 19:40:21 -0800

Price point is under $139 and $179; speed 11MB.
This year you can have either a PCI card or PCMCIA
one. You have to set up on card as the master, and the
other slaves. Next year, they'll be providing standalone
base station.

Dell rolls out wireless networking kit
4800LT offers low-cost networking for as many as 15 PCs
By John G. Spooner

Dec. 17 Dell Computer Corp. is working to bring
high-speed wireless networking to the home. The
company announced Wednesday an 11MB
wireless networking product it says will benefit
users by offering low-cost, high-bandwidth
wireless networking for as many as 15 PCs.

Jesse wrote:
> While I don't know anyone who's deployed one, they're rumored
> to work with lucent wavelan and compatible cards. It's supposed to have
> a shorter range than the "real" base stations..And I've heard through
> the grapevine that Lucent's new access point is supposed to be cheaper.
> (~$400...)
> jesse
> On Mon, Dec 20, 1999 at 06:20:03PM -0800, Josh Cohen (Exchange) wrote:
> > So now that we have wireless LANs in our buildings, I've been
> > thinking about getting an access point at home.
> > A quick look at the prices discouraged me, most 802.11 APs seem
> > to be around $1000 dollars and they are mostly only 2Mbs.
> >
> > Except one.... The Apple airport base station, with modem and ethernet
> > is only $299. It claims to be 802.11 DS compatible at 11Mbps.
> >
> > What gives? Any mac users have this ? Since its 802.11DS, I presume
> > its compatible with my card, but for that price, there must be some
> > catch. Do I actually need a MAC ?
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