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Hmm. Kinda like Gray Cell's Unimobile

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[Still no b2b angle... yet. Propaganda follows. Took a lot of
registering just to extract the service-list, page by page. Not a
platform. RK]

Receive messages on your pager, cell phone, or PDA, anytime, anywhere!

- Get Email to your digital pager, cell phone, or PDA now!

- It's Totally Free! But maybe not forever.

- Your Wireless Anonymizer! Don't use your cell phone number on the

- Changing carriers? No problem! Just change your prefs on the website.

- One Alerta wireless email address for All your wireless devices.

- Alerta is bringing you the most unique wireless services.
Check out the latest:
DailyInBox, Heartlight, Phish,

- Also, get our best-of-class services to your Account:
Sports, Stocks, Weather, Reminders, Lottery, Horoscope,
Inspirational, Entertainment

- Check out the useful Alerta functions in the Alerta Member's Toolbox:
Change Preferences, Page an Alerta user, Page Any One

- Here is what people are saying about Alerta:

"My Job is to be better and have content faster than the competitor's
web page. I use alerta with NetMind to monitor their site. If they
ever do get something to their site first - I'm not far
behind.Anytime, Anywhere. I like it! "

"We have a Enterprise Monitor from Mediahouse monitoring currently 56
devices over IP. My teams use alerta to get their alerts to their
pagers and cell phones. Alerta helps us unify all the different
protocols and supports the whole NAFTA Marketplace. Great Job! Juan
Gonzales Urrea Mexico City." is a FREE wireless communication service for
receiving your information anytime, anywhere. This service utilizes
the text messaging capabilities of digital pagers and other wireless
devices, including digital phones, PDAs, etc.)

You get an Alerta e-message account ( When
someone sends email to your account, Alerta forwards this message to
your pager or any other wireless device (cell phone, PDA, etc.). The
Alerta system optimizes email messages for your specific device. It
also forwards it to your regular email account enabling you to track
and record your messages.

Unlike prior "push" technology, in which the recipient had only
superficial input into what type of information he received, you, as
an Alerta member, can customize the type of information you receive
and when you receive it.

If you want to be notified of special promotions and events, your
specific news, or if you want to receive your email without sitting
behind your desk or lugging a laptop around, then...

Alerta is for you! Sign up now - to experience the freedom of
Permissive Push technology!

Your information anytime, anywhere.

Alerta, Inc. was founded in October 1998 with the intent to act as a
conduit for time-sensitive information from companies and individuals
to persons or organizations requesting immediate information to be
transmitted to their wireless devices, whether pagers, cellular
phones, or personal digital assistants (PDAs).

Alerta uses the Internet as its backbone, acting as an open,
platform-independent gateway for messaging to wireless devices. If
you want to change your carrier or wireless device, Alerta goes with
you. Once you sign up for Alerta's services and receive an Alerta
address, it's yours for as long as you use our services. You can
choose the type of information you want to receive and when you want
to receive it.

Our Mission

Our mission is best summed up by our slogan, "Your information
anytime, anywhere". Using our Permissive Push technology, Alerta's
mission is to become the platform-independent standard for the
dissemination of time-sensitive information to wireless devices.

Key Management

Jan van der Reis - Chairman of the Board
A founder and creator of the Alerta concept, Mr. van der Reis brings
years of international business experience to the Alerta team and is
responsible for Latin American business development and marketing.

Paul Groepler - CEO and President
A founder of Alerta, Mr. Groepler brings high tech hardware and
software experience to his role as CEO. Mr. Groepler has worked for
such well-known firms as Motorola, Sun Microsystems, Daimler-Benz,
Dell Computer Corporation, and IBM and was a founder of Technology
Works and Aeon Technology.

Victor Bishop - Vice President of Marketing
Mr. Bishop heads up Alerta's marketing push in the United States and
abroad, having previously specialized in international sales and
marketing roles for Power Computing and his own venture, Digital Axis.

Brian Michalk - Vice President of Technology
A founder of Alerta, Mr. Michalk is responsible for implementing
Alerta's unique technological vision. Mr. Michalk has previously
worked for the State of Texas and for numerous Internet services

Other Key Personnel

Dewey Coffman - VP of Technical Marketing
Mr. Coffman has in various high tech concerns such as Dell, Ross
Technology, and Jump Point Communications.

Roberto Bargagli - VP of Technology
Latin America Mr. Bargagli brings a unique view of the market from
his recent success in building CorreoWeb, Mexico's answer to Hotmail.

Alejandro Quiñones

Mauricio de la Torre


E-mail users can also set preferences to format incoming messages. A
typical wireless communication device such as a cell phone can
display up to 150 characters. An average-sized e-mail will have 10
times that many characters. That means that without the customization
provided by Alerta, a user would receive 9-10 pages of information.
With Alerta, the user can determine a maximum number of screens and
characters they wish to receive. Users can also decline to receive
attachments to e-mail documents and instead receive them only at
their primary e-mail address.

In addition to receiving e-mail information on your wireless device,
a copy of this e-mail is also automatically forwarded to your primary
e-mail address. This feature allows for added security and makes sure
that you always get all of your messages.
Alerta's Web site includes a "members only" area that provides a way
to receive up-to-date sports, weather and entertainment information,
reminders and announcements. Users will be able to select and custom
configure a personalized approach to wireless e-mail communications.

[Gee, notice how many of these are just proxying MSN?... RK]

Stock Info:

MSN - The free service lets you select up to 10 free securities to
track, and will send you updates, according to your preferences. The
text is formatted perfectly for wireless devices. - Great functionality! But, the alerts come with lots of
extra text, including the email header and signature files

Sports Info:

MSN - Sports from MSN is not a free service. You must be paying for
the premium service.

Travel Info:

Don't wait on a flight again! Receive fight updates directly to your pager or cellular
phone using your address. Sign-up friends with @lerta to
notify of arrivals.'s flight notification systems
supports up to three addresses.

Weather Info:

Wx4u.Com provides You with current weather information for FREE!
Sign up with them to receive warnings, watches, forecasts,
discussions, etc. emailed directly to your Alerta.Com - This site offers a Three-Day Forecast, Weather
Headlines and Current Conditions service. There is a 30-day free
trial period, but you have to enter your credit card number to begin.

MSN - Weather is part of the free service. Text formatting is very good.

Reminders: This site has great functionality for managing an entire
calendar, but they have not customized their alerts for wireless

Excite and Yahoo-This service lets you select a pager option and lets
you enter your alerta address and set your own reminders. The
drawback is that they send you half a screen of marketing fluff with
each reminder.

MSN - Let's you set one-time or recurring reminders. Although
functionality is not as robust (no calendar), the message comes
through as entered by you, with no unnecessary text.

Not Found

The requested URL /members/austin.html was not found on this server.


MSN - Provides results in easy-to-read format for 35 state lotteries.
It is part of the free service


Phish - This @lerta service sends you the setlists via
immediately following each phish concert, ensuring that you know
about it first.


Your DailyInbox This service delivers an inspirational message to
brighten up your day directly to your cellular, pager, or pda.

Daily Light is a free inspirational service from
Receive Today's Verse everyday using you address.

Horoscopes: - Delve in deeper than your daily horoscope. Forecast
your future, peruse your love potential, link your past lives to your
present and explore your destiny!
MSN - Best of all - It's Free.

KLBJ-FM and Alerta.Com and KLBJ have teamed up to deliver music
events information directly to your device.

Joke of the Day - Coming soon.

Fortunes - Coming soon.