AMERICANS: Fed UP with Big Brother WATCHING like Hawk? [fsqic]
Wed, 22 Dec 1999 01:04:08 -0800

AMERICANS -- Fed UP with Big Brother WATCHING like a Hawk?
Have you ever asked yourself WHY you are being tracked,
categorized, filed, numbered, referenced, documented,
classified, qualified, registered, indexed, recorded,
listed, and archived by government?

Any monetary transaction over a specified limit is
traced by the IRS. Your cash withdrawals from your bank
are tracked. Anyone paying an airline ticket in cash is
under suspicion. Any person can now be searched and
property seized without any charges. What is happening
to the right of mankind.. "Life, Liberty, and Happiness"?

Want to protect your assets, property, and life long
possessions from being sold to pay taxes instead of going
to your children or estate?

40+% of North America's workforce now get paid directly
or indirectly by government. Never in history have so
many been so successfully lied to and deceived by so few!

BUT, there is a way to simply, ellegantly, make all of
your worldly assets "disappear" from the government's
(or anyone else's) radar screen! Please reply with "SafeAsset" on the
subject line and send to;

Have a Nice Day !!

Please pardon the intrusion....

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Thank you for your kind consideration.