Re: >H Blowoff Models

Adam Rifkin -4K (
Wed, 22 Dec 1999 04:41:32 -0800 (PST)

> There appears to be something on the order of $120-200 trillion
> (depending on whose figures you use) floating about the global
> marketplace. No one really knows what all is out there, how it all
> works, the amounts or the due dates, since these instruments are not
> regulated. US banks are exposed to the (official) tune of a cool $33+
> trillion (Item: who gets to bail them out?). Bear in mind the US GDP
> is about $9 trillion, World GWP about $25 trillion. Much of this new
> paper was concocted by physicists cum Wall Street rocketeers; I wonder
> how many of them studied sigmoid curves, predator-prey equations and
> catastrophe theory?

> ...

> So this presents an interesting problem, which I have not seen
> addressed at all: how to manage the "unwinding" of this multiplicity
> of exposed positions in such a way as to minimize the damage to the
> world economy? Presumably the Fed, the ECB, BOJ, etc. have some sort
> of war games rooms where they do such scenario planning, but they
> haven't been talking about it, besides, their objectives may be different.

Nice thought, but aren't feedback cycles like the one the market is
currently in, inherently unstable?

Also, only in a mania do we have stories such as this:

Talk about your blowoff tops...

> Tuesday December 21 12:03 PM ET
> Feds: CEO Gave Inside Tips to Porn Star

> NEW YORK (Reuters) - A former chairman and chief executive officer of
> financial investment firm Keefe, Bruyette & Woods has been charged with
> insider trading for giving tips about potential bank mergers to a porno
> actress, according to court papers made public on Tuesday.

> James McDermott Jr., the former CEO who now works at investment bank
> Allen & Co., was charged with securities fraud and perjury in Manhattan
> federal court for giving non-public information to Kathryn Gannon, also
> known as Marylin Star.

> Court papers describe Gannon, a Canadian citizen who has lived in Miami,
> as an actress and model specializing in adult films. The papers said
> that Gannon had an ``intimate relationship'' with McDermott.

> The papers noted that Keefe, Bruyette provides financial services and
> advice to various banks in connection with potential and actual
> corporate mergers and acquisitions. As head of Keefe, Bruyette,
> McDermott had access to non-public information about the firm's clients.

> The complaint also charges a third defendant, Anthony Pomponio, a
> self-employed New Jersey businessman, with allegedly trading on the
> tips. The papers allege that Pomponio also had a relationship with
> Gannon.

> Both Gannon and Pomponio opened brokerage accounts at Charles Schwab in
> 1997 and began buying stocks of small regional banks. Some of the banks
> were on Keefe, Bruyette's confidential list of potential acquisition
> targets and others were about to make public announcements of merger
> transactions.


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