Re: Last FoRKCon of 1999: Raleigh, North Carolina, US

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 22 Dec 1999 16:17:20 -0800

>Rohit: Maybe. Feel free to bring a Rohit effigy just in case he
> can't make it.

Can I bring one too?! At the very least, I'll have to bring the vivid
color prints of the FoRK Car from the Cadillac Desert in Texas (hi

Yea, in the throes of TRAVELMANiac chaos, flitting between startup
advisors in Boston and San Jose and Seattle this week, I've indeed
squeezed in the promised pilgrimage to Geek Triangle Park... Anyone
else driving up from Charlotte on the 27th? (I'll be there for
Christmas and the 26th for a friend-of-the-family's Indian wedding).

Flight: US Airways flight 32 on a Airbus Jet
From: Los Angeles, CA (LAX) Sat., Dec25 8:45 am
To: Charlotte, NC (CLT) Sat., Dec25 4:07 pm

Flight: US Airways flight 41 on a Boeing 757
From: Charlotte, NC (CLT) Tue., Dec28 8:40 am
To: Los Angeles, CA (LAX) Tue., Dec28 11:00 am

Total: USD 488.50

Hey, adam, will the FoRK's Amazon slush fund cover this one?

Whistlin' Dixie,
Rohit Khare