Batter Up! Geopolitica & Geoeconomica w/Tom

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Thu, 23 Dec 1999 06:49:18 -0800

Fellow FoRKer, Fortune media mogul, and all around nice guy, Tom Stewart will
be on Chris Matthews "Hardball", 12/28 on MSNBC at 7pm and CNBC at 8pm.
Chris Matthews has written two best sellers, "Hardball" and "Kennedy and Nixon:
A Rivalry that Shaped Post-War America", was a speech writer for Carter,
and was the Washington Bureau chief for the SF Examiner.

The first half hour features Kissinger doing his Tom Stewart impressions. The
second half hour features Lawrence Kudlow, pro-growth tax cutter and chief
economist for, and Walter Issacson, Time Magazine author who first
wrote the 1997 article claiming Gates was the Edison and Ford of our time.
Stewart gets a good dig in at Gates and manages to plug CNN on MSNBC.