RE: Stupid Idea Series # uhhhhhh

Josef Dietl (
Thu, 23 Dec 1999 18:01:41 +0100

"Currency" is attention. Count the number of messages advocating a meme in
various mailing lists and newsgroups, and there you are. No?

Question: Can you convert attention into $ or the reverse?


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> Subject: Stupid Idea Series # uhhhhhh
> This one came to me in a dream last night, seriously.
> Interesting that the e-stock idea came up again today, it's kind
> of similar.
> How about a "stock market" for memes? Basically, "buying and
> selling stock" in memes, "price" is whatever the market sets,
> drivers are perception of the trend direction and magnitude of
> the meme. Pretty sure there's no commercial app
> here, though it'd be interesting to try and find correlates
> between meme prices and actual market behavior. More just a fun
> thing than anything else, but could be interesting. Certainly
> more evocative than, say, a game of Nomic. (Unless
> you're a lawyer or a politician, I suppose.)
> :-? :-)
> jb