RE: Stupid Idea Series # uhhhhhh

Mark Day (
Thu, 23 Dec 1999 12:19:55 -0500

Doesn't this already exist? is a market in celebrities, which you
could consider specialized forms of meme (the memes of the form "X matters"
or "X is interesting").

(I'm also intrigued that HSX has US patent 5950176 on their system, but I


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> Subject: Stupid Idea Series # uhhhhhh
> This one came to me in a dream last night, seriously.
> Interesting that the e-stock idea came up again today, it's kind
> of similar.
> How about a "stock market" for memes? Basically, "buying and
> selling stock" in memes, "price" is whatever the market sets,
> drivers are perception of the trend direction and magnitude of
> the meme. Pretty sure there's no commercial app
> here, though it'd be interesting to try and find correlates
> between meme prices and actual market behavior. More just a fun
> thing than anything else, but could be interesting. Certainly
> more evocative than, say, a game of Nomic. (Unless
> you're a lawyer or a politician, I suppose.)
> :-? :-)
> jb