wolfetech.com's bizzaro-random infobases...

Rohit Khare (rohit@uci.edu)
Fri, 24 Dec 1999 12:02:21 -0800

From http://www.wolfetech.com/download/manuals/pgmanual.pdf . Can
anyone see a pattern here? Who needs all of them, actually? MacGyver?

DataPack Add-on - This optional feature of PocketGenie simply gives
you access to a much wider
variety and amount of reference materials. It includes the following
subjects: calories burned, diet
reference, energy bar info, fast food info, food counter info, mixed
drinks info, computer timeline,
historic ages, monarchs, patent dates, physics timeline, presidents,
APA DSM-IV codes, antibiotics,
antihypertensive medicine, arteries, brain, herapin nomogram, joints,
phobias, renal failure criteria,
dialup numbers for AT&T, Bell Atlantic, EROLS IPS, IBM, Sprint,
UUnet, phone country codes, an
ASCII table, anniversary gifts, birthstones, C++ operator precedence,
emoticons, fraction to decimal
conversion, morse code, perl quick reference, radio alphabet, state
abbreviations, street suffixes, web
acronyms, amino acids, animal speeds, bird codes, buffers,
distillation constants for acids, distillation
constants for bases, messier numbers, numeric prefixes, the periodic
table, roman numerals, snakes,
solution products for salts, storm terms, the top 20 hazardous
substances, baby monitor frequencies, drill
sizes, an ethernet code list, hard drive (AT) codes, hard drive (XT)
codes, hard drive Seagate info, IRQ
lines, international frequencies, lumber terms, metal weights,
multicast lookup, port numbers, railroad
channels, screw specs, sheet metal gauges, aircraft tailcodes,
airline 1-800 numbers, airport
(international) codes, airport (US) codes, airport codes, car rental,
currency codes, hotels 1-800 numbers,
and international voltage plugs.