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What are you kidding? I got every single friend of mine to
buy Tibco stock after the WISEN meeting. All of them made a bundle, and not one of
them said thankyou by sending me a 25 year old bottle of single malt
scotch last year or this. Some friends.....


Adam Rifkin -4K wrote:
> This came out seven months ago and no one FoRKed it?!
> Recall that FAST search fuels ........ if
> only they'd have the guts to make this a platform, and put in an
> event-processing core to provide value-in-the-middle, then I might go so
> far as to call this effort Internet-Scale. As it is, it's yet-another-
> content-service-without-network-effects. Internet-Scale event
> notifications should be the building blocks of *community*; an event
> that is just a glorified interrupt is not truly Internet-Scale.
> > ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> TIBCO and FAST to Develop Real-Time Information Search and Alert Service
> for Millions of Users
> Delivers personalized real-time news, stock prices, sports and weather
> alerts to PCs, cellular phones and pagers
> Palo Alto, CA and Boston, MA -- May 14, 1999 -- TIBCO Software Inc. and
> Fast Search & Transfer (FAST) today announced an agreement to
> develop and market a new range of products for real-time information
> delivery. The new products, which are expected to be available later
> this year, will enable the delivery of real-time data and alerts to an
> array of advanced consumer devices, including PCs, cellular phones,
> pagers, personal digital assistants, and other mobile devices.
> The new system combines FAST's search and real-time content filtering
> technology with TIBCO's real-time information delivery system to provide
> consumer alerts and data on virtually any topic to virtually any device.
> Once completed, the service will be offered through TIBCO's
> ( ) and through agreements with major service
> providers.
> "The market for personalized information delivery is expanding rapidly,
> so we wanted a partner that could provide real-time search to millions
> of users," said Tugrul Firatli, Vice President, Networking and
> Telecommunications Solutions, TIBCO Software Inc. "This agreement will
> enable us to combine our technologies to create scalable solutions for
> telecommunications and other infrastructure companies. In addition, we
> plan to build specialized solutions based on FAST search technologies
> that will provide large corporations with better decision support
> systems, and that will integrate image and video for an exciting
> consumer experience."
> TIBCO offers the most complete application integration and real-time
> information delivery solutions available today," said Espen Brodin,
> president and CEO of FAST. "By utilizing TIBCO's Internet technology,
> we will be able to deliver the results of our unique real-time
> information search and content filtering to millions of consumers. With
> TIBCO's new alert service, anyone with a desktop or portable PC,
> cellular phone, pager, or personal digital assistant will have access to
> unprecedented real-time alert capabilities.
> About Fast Search & Transfer ASA
> Fast Search & Transfer ASA, headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and with US
> and UK subsidiaries, is a high-technology research and development
> company delivering advanced and innovative search and image/video
> compression technologies for Intranets, extranets, and the Internet. The
> company develops and markets fully scalable cost-efficient software and
> hardware, ranging from small and mid-size solutions to solutions for the
> large Internet content providers and media companies. Applications
> include the world's largest search engines for structured and
> non-structured text and the highest performance image compression
> technology available for the Internet. FAST is traded on the OTC market
> in Oslo, Norway. For more information about FAST, visit
> About TIBCO Software Inc.
> TIBCO Software Inc. is a leading provider of software solutions that
> enable businesses to integrate internal operations, business partners,
> and customers in real-time. Through our products and services, we enable
> computer applications and platforms to communicate efficiently across
> networks, including the Internet. Our TIB/ActiveEnterprise(tm) product
> suite facilitates the distribution of information and integration of
> business processes by connecting applications to a network through
> patented technology called The Information Bus or TIB.. TIB technology
> was first used to "digitize" Wall Street in the 1980's and has since
> been adopted in diverse industries, including manufacturing, energy,
> telecommunications, and electronic commerce. TIBCO Software's global
> client base includes Cisco Systems, 3Com, NEC, Bechtel, Philips,
> PageNet, Netscape and Yahoo!. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California,
> TIBCO Software can be reached at (650) 846-5000.
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