Re: Happy New Year

Kieron Lawson (
Sat, 1 Jan 2000 01:14:58 +1300

Saturday, January 01, 2000, 12:46:48 AM, you wrote:

> To people in New Zealand for now - rest later!

> Now the fun starts: we get to watch the press try to dig up Y2K bug
> stories and try to spin minor incidents into major disasters.
> Anyway, after to the havoc wrecked by the Christmas storm over
> here, it can't get much worse!

> All the best,
> Rob.

Sod it, you beat me to it. A Happy New Year from New Zealand to all
you FoRKs out there. And to those who aren't too uptight about the whole
millenium/century rollover thing -- Happy New Century and Millennium

As you've no doubt guessed, the power's still going and the phones
still ring; the toilet flushes (and refills). So, like the weather
here tonight, the Y2K bug is a bit of a letdown. Somehow I was hoping
for more - no 'essential services' (like email :) for a few days might
have made things interesting.

Anyway, tonight in true Kiwi fashion we climbed up one of Auckland's
miriad of volcanoes, to watch the fireworks on the harbour, while
suffering the rain and wind. Typical summer's night here at the
moment. One of my daughters saw the new year in (the other was asleep
in my arms); both of them will likely live to see the 22nd century in,
and given more rapid advances in genetics, chances are that we will
too (just!). Kind of extraordinary to think about.

Have a great one wherever you are.