Re: Happy New Year

Adam Rifkin -4K (
Fri, 31 Dec 1999 17:41:29 -0800 (PST)

Wub wrote:
> Now that Europe has passed into 2000, happy new year to everybody!
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> Sat Jan 1 02:11:23 MET 2000

Okay, so which was the more anticlimactic non-event: introduction of the
Euro in 1999 or the passing of Y2K?

I gotta admit, the letdown of Y2K has been extraordinary. Ed Yourdon
and all the other alarmists can <verb> my <noun> for panicking people
for no good reason.


(1) When Worldcom acquired MCI, the combined MCI/Worldcom had to divest
certain assets. One of the divisions was divested to Cable & Wireless,
but C&W is now suing WCOM for selling a defective product. An insider
told me WCOM really sc**wed C&W big time.

(2) WCOM had an alliance with the Spanish network operator Telefonica,
but WCOM stabbed Telefonica from the back by expanding into its markets
in South America.

(3) ... and the list goes on and on. I don't have all the facts at the
moment, but if you look carefully you can find lots of examples [of
Bernie Ebbers being the biggest, meanest, and baddest].

Let's look at another Mafia club: AT&T owns Liberty Media (LMG.A) (in a
way, but doesn't own it in other ways - ask Mycroft for a better
explanation), but LMG.A owns 24% of Sprint PCS! Now that WCOM is buying
Sprint, who owns whom at the end???