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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Tue Oct 10 2000 - 13:32:43 PDT

Im in a robo mode of late. I got the kid the Lego Scout version of the
mindstorms system. Its the pewee league one wiht no bot<>pc computer
interface. Its a blast though for what it is. For a 6 year old its total

Now i read this...

"__The Palm Pilot Robot Kit is a design for an easy-to-build, fully
autonomous robot controlled by a Palm handheld computer. This design was
created by two Carnegie Mellon Robotics Insitute research groups, the Toy
Robots Initiative and the Manipulation Lab, with the intent of enabling
just about anyone to start building and programming mobile robots at a
modest cost.

___The Palm makes a handy robot controller: it packs a lot of
computational power in a small size, runs on batteries, and best of all,
can display graphics and an interactive user interface. Our robot empowers
a Palm to move about and sense the nearby environment. The base uses three
"omni-wheels" that allow driving in any direction with independent control
of rotation, meaning it moves holonomically in the plane. The base also
has three optical range sensors to "see" the nearby environment up to
about a meter away.

___The complete construction plans and software are
documented on these pages. We do not sell products or provide kit
materials, but the entire robot can be constructed from standard parts
using glue, tape, and a small amount of soldering. The software we provide
can be compiled on a Windows PC using the free Code Warrior Lite compiler
and downloaded to the Palm. The robot can then drive itself around on flat
surfaces, using optical range sensors
to sense nearby obstacles and walls."

fun funf fun. some one put more hours in the day please.

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