Re: Clinton/Gore's economic track-record

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From: Wayne E Baisley (
Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 09:06:29 PDT

Tom, thanks for sticking your neck out.

Good points, all. Yes, Clinton deserves some credit for the things you
mention. And I agree that the Executive can have great influence on the
economy; negative seems easier than positive. Carter's Windfall Profits
Tax and Nixon's Wage and Price Controls come readily to mind.
And I agree that confidence is really the name of the game. Reagan had
it in spades. Carter had a crisis of it. In this sense, Jim's got a
point. As I said, we're all dead Keynesians now. Drucker has pointed
out that Carter did everything a good believer in government influence
would do, and none of it worked, or rather it had exactly the wrong
effect. Reagan did just the opposite, and it did.

Gore's got Mirth In The Balance to overcome. Dubya, like all newcomers,
is unknown, but I'd handicap him higher than Gore.
I've been wrong before. (TM)

I'll buy most anything that infuriates Robert Reich. ;-)


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