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From: Wayne E Baisley (
Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 20:18:14 PDT

> Or does this concern merely reflect my pinko-commie liberal bias?

Sincerely flattering PJ hardly establishes one's credentials as a
Webb-head, although I applaud the EFFort. In the DIN, alas, not much is
intelligible, after words, aft Durwards, afterwards. My kingdom for an
antonym for repeat! Moss. Kate Moss, bondtrader. Vic's. VapoRub.
A Dub. Dubland. Vast trax of. Oh, the desuetude! Krusty never
sleeps. Use the source, Lucas. Snit-snat-snot. Ah, better now.

> > less tangible quality-of-life issues are VERY important

Incommensurably so, especially on the margins. When your taxes go up,
you'll have fewer Mr. Natural comix to donate to the local geezer coop.
What does it all mean? They'll revere you, Paul. Onward, through the
fog, Jeff. Austintatiously. Dubyaland. Oats, Willy. DorSETT.
CampBELL. Socialites of Uttar Pradesh. They have Luck now.

> "there's no such thing as infinite money"

Not even as an l-value? That is such a thought-stopper ...

What's azeciousity? Clearly starts with alpha privative (so we're into
negativland already, true/false?). The cute habit of not boiling, like
some infinitely wide bitpipe utterly crammed, nay, bursting with zeros?

------- (favoured in N out of M l'Hopitals!)

I'm floatin', I'm floatin', on down through the sky
Never had no ambition to learn how to fly
I'll be glad when it's over, and happy to land
With this bag full of money I've got in my hand
(inexplicably) The Byrds

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