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Date: Thu Oct 12 2000 - 05:21:54 PDT

The following is appearing on the website. Of course the
content will be brilliant and you will all want to read, inwardly digest,
and all that. But note this: I am paid a risible pittance for these screeds;
but there is an incentive. The actual deal calls for the payment of a risible
pittance OR a reasonable percentage of advertising revenue associated with
the column, whichever is higher. The more people read it--particulary the
more people who subscribe to receive it via e-mail (you can always delete it)
the more likely I am to be able to welcome FoRKers to my gracious home for
something other than chips and salsa.


Lets be blunt: Dotcoms are management nightmares. Talent is costly, hard to
find, and even harder to keep. Cash flow is unstable – so is Web technology.
 Financing is unpredictable, and those fussy customers are so very very hard
to please.

That’s precisely why we’ve asked Fortune writer Tom Stewart to shed some
desperately needed light on the topic. Every other Wednesday, Stewart will
delve into the economic realities and management conundrums that bedevil
Internet executives. The column is aptly called Barely Managing.

For readers of Fortune magazine, Stewart needs no introduction. He is the
long time, award winning writer who combines deep management smarts with a
rare gift for prose. He’s also one of the early explorers into the world of
knowledge management and the author of Intellectual Capital, a primary text
on the subject. When he’s not crafting articles for Fortune or eCompany,
Stewart travels extensively speaking to business audiences around the globe
about knowledge management, economics, and strategic growth. He’s currently
at work on his second book due out in TK.

Barely Managing can be found exclusively at or get it delivered
to your email box along with all of our other online columns

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