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From: Sally Khudairi (
Date: Thu Oct 12 2000 - 09:33:30 PDT

Tom, you are truly brilliant.

Congratulations :-)

- S

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> The following is appearing on the website. Of course the
> content will be brilliant and you will all want to read, inwardly digest,
> and all that. But note this: I am paid a risible pittance for these
> but there is an incentive. The actual deal calls for the payment of a
> pittance OR a reasonable percentage of advertising revenue associated with
> the column, whichever is higher. The more people read it--particulary the
> more people who subscribe to receive it via e-mail (you can always delete
> the more likely I am to be able to welcome FoRKers to my gracious home for
> something other than chips and salsa.
> Tom
> Lets be blunt: Dotcoms are management nightmares. Talent is costly, hard
> find, and even harder to keep. Cash flow is unstable – so is Web
> Financing is unpredictable, and those fussy customers are so very very
> to please.
> That’s precisely why we’ve asked Fortune writer Tom Stewart to shed some
> desperately needed light on the topic. Every other Wednesday, Stewart
> delve into the economic realities and management conundrums that bedevil
> Internet executives. The column is aptly called Barely Managing.
> For readers of Fortune magazine, Stewart needs no introduction. He is the
> long time, award winning writer who combines deep management smarts with a
> rare gift for prose. He’s also one of the early explorers into the world
> knowledge management and the author of Intellectual Capital, a primary
> on the subject. When he’s not crafting articles for Fortune or eCompany,
> Stewart travels extensively speaking to business audiences around the
> about knowledge management, economics, and strategic growth. He’s
> at work on his second book due out in TK.
> Barely Managing can be found exclusively at or get it
> to your email box along with all of our other online columns

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