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From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 09:41:15 PDT writes:

> etc, and we all wound up to a spot where we agreed that the best thing for
> the earth was to rid it of humans, and that that was coming eventually,
> and... what a beautiful wild place it will be, and once again I had a leap

Strange, I frequently think that the best thing for humans is to get
rid of the earth, and that that is coming eventually, and... what a
beautiful wild place it will be.

> of faith, and we all did, and we -saw- it: saw grass growing through
> concrete, trees through bones, mice would live inside our abandoned
> computers. (: It was such a high thinking about it that we danced about

...and we -saw- it: postbiological us disassembling the Moon and
asteroids into a fleet of habitats and solar reflectors, burning off
inner planet's volatiles and disassembling them too into a Dyson
cloud, swarming out into the Kuiper and Oort cloud, and into our
stellar neighbourhood, and beyond, turning everything into computation
substrate for artificial reality. And, well, unless they managed to do
some fancy spacetime plumbing, then they lived happily ever after,
until universe's clock ran out, at a subjective time base 1:10^6.

> it for a few hours, imagining, dreaming, not even wanting to be the last
> human to see it, but just happy that it was coming. Later on, when we
> were talking about it, someone suggested that we pray for speed, for the
> human race to kill itself off. That sort of disrupted the whole thing.

You're one sick, sick little primate.

> It split us in half, individually. Half was rejoicing the time when it
> would come, and the other half was frightened and disgusted about
> entertaining the thought of speeding it up. And we wondered, "Is that
> what we're all doing? Speeding it up because we know it's coming?" Faith

We know nothing. The future is not yet written. If we fuck ourselves
up (you go first, a large number of us doesn't want to), it will be
due to our collective stupidity. And, yeah, if we don't get the fuck
offplanet, the whole show will be over in about 500 megayears, when
Mother Earth turns into a steaming hell only fit for extremophiles,
and soon not even for them, as Brother Sun turned red giant extends
out to beyond the Mars orbit, engulfing the inner solar system.

Actually, you can add a major extinction event every few ten megayears
along the way due to impacts, supervolcanism and solar constant
fluctuation. Gea is such a nice, tender loving mother indeed.

Put that into your glass pipe, and smoke it.

> IS a very powerful thing. (:
> Green

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