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From: Bill Stoddard (
Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 10:08:23 PDT

> Another hippie story for you:
> (stop me if you've heard this one already (: )
> I was at a gathering in Ocala national forest, in Florida, and was invited
> to what was called a Sister Circle, which was a wiccan ceremony, involving
> prayers for peace, physical and emotional, widespread and personal, some
> nice songs and chants, and wishes expressed, and dreams affirmed, and a
> relaxing, healing time was had by most. I'd never been a part of this
> sort of ritual before, but as hokey as I thought it might be before I got
> there, it felt really good to be a part of a ritual which had goals I
> agreed with and believed in, and I had a leap of faith (don't be alramed,
> I have those all the time. (: ). Afterwards, we had Sister Time, which
> was time to just hang out with other females. We sang stuff like Indigo
> Girls, cooked lots of good food -- fried onions and potatos, rice, spinach
> salad, and even biscuits, cooked in a stove we built under the ground.
> Some of us smoked dope, drank shroom juice, dosed on lsd, and such, and we
> spent the night around a fire, sometimes dancing to drums, other times
> talking intensely about things like the world, and what was going on with
> it, and what we could do to help, what we were doing to fuck things up,
> etc, and we all wound up to a spot where we agreed that the best thing for
> the earth was to rid it of humans, and that that was coming eventually,
> and... what a beautiful wild place it will be, and once again I had a leap
> of faith, and we all did, and we -saw- it: saw grass growing through
> concrete, trees through bones, mice would live inside our abandoned
> computers. (: It was such a high thinking about it that we danced about
> it for a few hours, imagining, dreaming, not even wanting to be the last
> human to see it, but just happy that it was coming. Later on, when we
> were talking about it, someone suggested that we pray for speed, for the
> human race to kill itself off. That sort of disrupted the whole thing.
> It split us in half, individually. Half was rejoicing the time when it
> would come, and the other half was frightened and disgusted about
> entertaining the thought of speeding it up. And we wondered, "Is that
> what we're all doing? Speeding it up because we know it's coming?" Faith
> IS a very powerful thing. (:
> Green
> "A civilized society is one which tolerates eccentricity to the point of
doubtful sanity."
> -- Robert Frost

Damn, I just threw up all over my keyboard...


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