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Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 16:13:57 PDT

On Fri, 13 Oct 2000, Adam L. Beberg wrote:
> "Batteries in some Latitude and Inspiron models are being pulled after
> one battery overheated and broke into flame."

I have actually always harbored this suspicion about my company provided
latitude. I supposed it could also have been a sterilization procdure
for those silly enough to actually use them as "laptops".

Seriously, mine gets hot. "Damn hot, real hot. So hot I saw a little guy
in orange robes burst into flames. It's that hot." I think I may sue
Dell, based on the staggering legal precedent being set:
Full text below for FoRKing.


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- A woman who claims she was
permanently scarred after a hot pickle from a
McDonald's hamburger fell on her chin is suing the
restaurant for more than $100,000.

Veronica M. Martin claims in a lawsuit filed in Knox
County Circuit Court that the burn also caused her
physical and mental pain. She is seeking $110,000. Her
husband, Darrin Martin, is seeking $15,000, because he
``has been deprived of the services and consortium of
his wife.''

The hamburger ``was in a defective condition or
unreasonably dangerous to the general consumer and in
particular to (Veronica Martin),'' according to the
two-page lawsuit, which was reported in The Knoxville
News-Sentinel on Saturday.

Representatives with Mar Inc., owner of the McDonald's
franchise, did not return a telephone call from the

The lawsuit says the Martins bought hamburgers at the
McDonald's on Oct. 6, 1999.

``While attempting to eat the hamburger, the pickle
dropped from the hamburger onto her chin,'' the
lawsuit reads. ``The pickle was extremely hot and
burned the chin of (Mrs. Martin).''

Mrs. Martin had second-degree burns and is permanently
scarred, according to the lawsuit.

In 1994, a New Mexico woman was awarded $2.7 million
after suing McDonald's for burns she suffered when
coffee she bought at a drive-through window spilled in
her lap.

A judge later lowered the award to just under

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