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Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 16:39:19 PDT

On Fri, 13 Oct 2000, Tom Whore wrote:

> I read the whole thing. 1) Acceleration or no, the throght process that
> finds the end of the human speices as cool and desireable is pretty much
> a cancer to the species.

Well, conversely, from some points of view, the human race is a cancer to
the earth. Whatshername, who sat up in that tree for all those months is
a good example. She sat up there and got a lot of attention, but in the
end, she came down. And so did the tree. The thought process is a dream
that emerged from a "realization" that things are fucked up and are only
going to get worse. I'll betcha a beer that I can find at least 10 things
that humans have done to screw up their own habitat to your examples of us
doing something good for it. We're shitting where we sleep, which is
something all the rest of the animals know instinctively not to do. I'm
glad that you have a more positive view of the human race and its
capability to adapt to its ever-decreasing supply of o2, and its
ever-increasing supplies of toxins that we create, but I cannot share that
with you.

>I dont care if its the nazis (hi godwin) the
> letbehinders or whatever they call themselves. If the thouht of a hmanless
> world is something they want to go for, cool. Guns are legal in many
> places, they can blow thier heds off any time now.

Again, you misinterpret what I said. The thought of a humanless planet
earth being beautiful is not the same as the thought that everything is so
fucked up that suicide is the only answer.

> 2) by hugismooches i
> was not reffering to a woman on woman sex thing i was talking referin to
> the kiss kiss phoney sisterhood crowd. Its all about control and power no
> matter who much flowers and incense gets piled on top of it. Yes tomwhore
> was not being a make pi for a moment by imaining fields of lesbos wiccan
> moanig in delite...imagine

How would you know how phoney a 'kiss kiss sisterhood crowd' is? (: If
you did, by some chance, get invited to such a gathering, you'd quickly
realize that your foot is deeply implanted in your mouth, because there
are no such power trips involved (at least not in the circles I swim in).

> The proof is in the pudding, but you have to eat it to find out. >

Another misinterpretation. What I said equates to the phrase: It ain't
over till it's over. Now how does one get a taste of that? (:

But my point with the post was really this: Someone mentioned signs of
the end times or whatever. What I was trying to do was ask the question:
Does believing that there will be an 'end' cause it to happen? What if
there were no "signs" or prophecies predicting the end? Some folks, like
yourself <?> may not believe that such a thing will happen, but the
numbers are against you. Will the belief that this will happen propel it

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