P2Piss off, pal.

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From: JTS - MCDLXXXVI (jts7@duke.edu)
Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 17:08:57 PDT

On Fri, 13 Oct 2000, Gordon Mohr wrote:
> It strikes me that there will soon be more file-trading applications
> than there are files to trade.

This is classic. IANASWD (Developer), but this mocking potential is too
good. How about a little Stupid Idea Series bit? Here's one: p2p sharing
of web histories. Search for a word, and someone nearby in the
distributed network matches it. You then get to see what link they
followed that had that keyword in it. You can also browse your
"neighbor's" recent web activity history. That way, you can get your pr0n
at a second level extension of voyeurism, by looking at someone else's
viewing. Call it peep 2 peep. Let's p2p everything. Wait, we did, it
was called AppleTalk file sharing, and entire campuses did it (sometimes
inadvertantly) years ago. Here's another: open up everything and allow
p2p query linked into statistic calculation- below the radar market
research. Eg how many people started up MSExcel in the last 24 hours?
How many people use that bitch ugly red-and-black-checks bg as their
wallpaper? On average, how many times did [user's] system crash in the
last 24 hrs? Pack it up and call it Nosy (tm). Or is MS already doing this?

> It makes perfect sense! At least it has since I put this little
> piece of paper from Dave Winer under my tongue...

Re: the acid convo - when confronted with presenting to a "summit" or
convference, I recommend something stronger than acid under your eyelids.
I will supply jacks or icepicks for those interested, at cost. I'll send
Dave his first pair for free, if you promise to use them. Consider it
social commentary.

Re: silly's continuing desire to dose people involutarily - I'll just
include a link to the last time we roasted this on Fork. :)

Re: evolution in action. Feel free to try. I'm with Eugene and tom and
company. It would be just as welcome as acid in my diet coke.


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