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Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 17:48:40 PDT

On Fri, 13 Oct 2000, Tom Whore wrote:

> On Fri, 13 Oct 2000 wrote:
> --]
> --]Well, conversely, from some points of view, the human race is a cancer to
> --]the earth.
> Yes, well all saw the matrix. We have been warned:)-

Not all of us. (:

> --]Whatshername, who sat up in that tree for all those months is
> --]a good example. She sat up there and got a lot of attention, but in the
> --]end, she came down. And so did the tree. The thought process is a dream
> --]that emerged from a "realization" that things are fucked up and are only
> --]going to get worse.
> Nice mindset. So unlike the nazis who just blamed the jews or the greens
> who blames corps or the Rebups who blame the Dems and vice versa its
> lets just kill off the whole species and let nature go its
> thing which would be green and loverly and dreamy

Nope. You're still missing it. Noone ever said to kill off the whole
species. "Paranoia will destroy ya."

> except
> Humans are of and from nature, the very same State of Nature that these
> folks think will make everythin all peacefull and in balance but which was

In case you haven't noticed, humans are the only ones from "our source"
which have manipulated "our source" in such ways that are detrimental to
our survival here. I can't imagine rodents or monkeys or birds coming up
with devices which explode and leave residue that will kill and mutate our
species for ...well, for forever.

> Norman coordinate..bleep bleep bleep
> --] I'll betcha a beer that I can find at least 10 things
> --]that humans have done to screw up their own habitat to your examples of us
> --]doing something good for it.
> So you want to weigh all things out now and judge the worth of a species ,
> killing th em all if they dont meet your required merits.Wowsers.
> I bet I can find 10 things your Natural Goddess State OF Grace has done to
> itself to destory its own peace.

Again, noone said anything about killing everyone off. Get off that horse
man, it's dead.

> --]glad that you have a more positive view of the human race and its
> --]capability to adapt to its ever-decreasing supply of o2, and its
> --]ever-increasing supplies of toxins that we create, but I cannot share that
> --]with you.
> We have come thru an ice age, floods, volcanos, we have lived in the
> harshest of environs with about half the tools and skills we now have to
> help us adapt. We have fouht through diasters both natural and man made.
> We have lived thru plauges, slavery, crulety, and the mets 1969 season.
> We go where there is no o2 and seek to explore the depths of crushing
> preasure.
> Through this we have adapted, learned, made tools, and sought to continue
> the path towards an unknown and often hostile future.
> This is our history. Those who learn from it will do better than the rest.
> Those who seek to build up rather than tear down will make that trip tot
> he future, as have the countless generations before us.
> Those who have sought an end to this journey have failed. Maybe one day
> they might stop the journey...but not on my watch.

Our history is also that we have killed millions of people for stupid
reasons, poisoned our children, watched from comfy windows while others
starved, etc. Let's see, what can I learn from that? Maybe you are
living in some magical land where everything is hunkey dorey -- the water
is safe to drink, your kids can go out and play any time they want without
danger from other humans, and you can comfortably breathe and believe that
the air is fresh, but I bet the rent is damned high. Noone else can seem
to afford to be able to find the place, much less afford it.

> --] >I dont care if its the nazis (hi godwin) the
> --]> letbehinders or whatever they call themselves. If the thouht of a hmanless
> --]> world is something they want to go for, cool. Guns are legal in many
> --]> places, they can blow thier heds off any time now.
> --]
> --]Again, you misinterpret what I said. The thought of a humanless planet
> --]earth being beautiful is not the same as the thought that everything is so
> --]fucked up that suicide is the only answer.
> --]
> To bring about a humanless earth , other than by off world exodus, would
> mean the erradication of humans. I doubt youd be down with that or the
> people who support it.

And you'd be wrong. As I keep having to tell you, I'm not for
acceleration of it, but I can imagine it, and I can enjoy doing so.

> --]How would you know how phoney a 'kiss kiss sisterhood crowd' is? (:
> Been there, been around it, am more than apt at spotting and
> circumventing.
> If
> --]you did, by some chance, get invited to such a gathering, you'd quickly
> --]realize that your foot is deeply implanted in your mouth, because there
> --]are no such power trips involved (at least not in the circles I swim in).
> --]
> There are circles that are very much into the power trip, the mock
> sisterhood for ends of mind games, ego strokes and the same old same old
> bullshit that gets tossed on the penis born.
> Yes there are groups of pure honest folk. I am happy to have been, and be,
> around folks of this caliber. Atributing this to just women is
> a joke though in that it speaks to the power trip of the exclusionist amd
> the "me me me" ism of the karma vampires.

I don't remember attributing it to just women. I reckon I should just
bail out of this conversation now, since it seems that what I say is
misread, misinterpretted, and obviously seems to scare the shit out of
> Wiccan can be manipulated just as easily as anyother mindset. There is no
> magik cure for being human, warts and all. People make honest healing
> gatherings, religions and "ways" do not, in my experiance anyway. I dont
> care if someones jewish, islamic, wiccan, christian or whathaveyou. If
> they deal with me honestly and with love then its good.

And once AGAIN, this isn't about wiccans, or xians, or any damned religion
at all. Keep reading between the lines. You're reading stuff I never put

> Im glad you have not come across the fakars and karma vampires,,
> knowingly, in your travel east to west. It would be foolish to think you
> never will.

Oh, I have. They're everywhere.

> --]> The proof is in the pudding, but you have to eat it to find out. >
> --]
> --]Another misinterpretation. What I said equates to the phrase: It ain't
> --]over till it's over. Now how does one get a taste of that? (:
> You keep on keping on.

Keep on keeping on isn't gonna get me a taste of that pudding. I'll be
gone before the pudding is done.

> --]But my point with the post was really this: Someone mentioned signs of
> --]the end times or whatever. What I was trying to do was ask the question:
> --]Does believing that there will be an 'end' cause it to happen? What if
> --]there were no "signs" or prophecies predicting the end? Some folks, like
> --]yourself <?> may not believe that such a thing will happen, but the
> --]numbers are against you. Will the belief that this will happen propel it
> --]to?
> Does thinking it make it so?
> Heck yea. I have known people to make themselve belife and then become all
> manner of things. It is the act of imagination and projection that
> is at work here. We think it, we beceome it.
> When we think metors will crush the earth we see metors everywhere.
> When we think the messiah is comming you can be damn sure he is comming
> and evry event will fullfill a prophecy.
> When we thing there is money to be made on the net then ...well we all
> know that one.
> its when you stop thinking and projectin the image that things get wonky.
> When you loose Faith.....well look at the net for exmaples of this:)- Look
> at what happens to religions when the prophices are invoked.
> We think it , we be it.
> Or to quote Dr F. Furter
> "dont dream it, be it"

Okay, well I'm glad to see you got my point, despite all the other things
that you read that I never typed. (:

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