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From: Kragen Sitaker (
Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 17:52:01 PDT

Cindy wrote:
> Oh yeh, programming is going to solve all our problems. Write a program
> that will keep the government from doing stupid things like dumping DDT on
> thousands of its own citizens, and I'll start believing that line of shit.

>From NTK:

                            CREATE PACKAGE BODY wcpkg AS
                                PROCEDURE register (
                                    culprit IN VARCHAR2, event IN VARCHAR2)
                                    PRAGMA AUTONOMOUS_TRANSACTION;
                                    INSERT INTO war_criminal (name,
                                        VALUES (culprit, event);
                            END wcpkg;
. . .
                                wcpkg.register ('Kissinger', 'Secret Bombing
                            of Cambodia');
. . .
                        I believe that just about every technical book comes
                        with a body of politics, an ideology that governs
                        and usually restricts its example set. We don't
                        notice the political slant because it reflects the
                        dominant viewpoint in our society and is thus
. . .
                          * Business-centric: Most examples used in
                            technology books focus on how to make business
                            work more efficiently, . . .
. . .
                          * Consumer-oriented: Many, many examples promote
                            the perspective that the only reason we exist in
                            this world is to buy things. . . .

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