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Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 17:58:08 PDT

On Fri, 13 Oct 2000, Tom Whore wrote:

> On Fri, 13 Oct 2000 wrote:
> --]Damn, Tom, paranoid? What gave you the idea that there is some kind of
> --]wiccan army threatening you or your family?
> umm, nice try sillyhead, but we both now this trick dont play with me.
> Its posting tactic 203, "Assign lable Paranoid and make over ampified
> examples of this fear to nullify argument points."
> Please try again though as you seem to be desperatley trying to defend
> something you belive in.

Not paranoid? Then what is all this about:
"I dont care if its a man or a woman wiican or riht win xtian, planning a
world that includes the death of my family is pretty much a sure way to
WANT me to use my gun rights."

Now, it wasn't said one time that anyone is planning a world that includes
the death of your family. So if that is the kind of things you are
reading into what I'm typing, you're paranoid. It's real simple.

> --] Whew. Maybe some folks
> --]should lay OFF the acid for a while. (:
> Should we leave it just for people planning genocides?

Nope. But if you're doing it so much that you can't read something
without interpretting it as a threat to you and family, you might want to
take a break for a while. planning genocides? Damn. Talk about twisting
things around. I'm sorry you have some kind of problem with security, but
I wasn't implying that the end SHOULD come, only that it's a very pretty
image in my mind. If you don't like that, fine. I just think it's silly
to blow things out of proportion and run to grab your gun for defense from
someone's imagination and dreams. (:

> > > (thats from
tactic 112 "respond
with IM RUBBER YOUR GLUE") > > Can you smell what the crock is cooking
> (tactic 3:16 "misquote underculture refernces")

I am not consiously using any 'tactics.' I just merely told a story that
asked a question. Had no idea that my idealism would piss so many people
off. Not that I mind. I have no qualms about stirring shit up. However,
it's a pretty worthless conversation when someone puts words into
someone's mouth, or takes the words she said and turns them into something
more concrete that he can attack. Planning genocides, indeed.

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