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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Sat Oct 14 2000 - 23:28:01 PDT

Eugene Leitl wrote:

> Joseph S. Barrera III writes:
> > Okay, so who's actually *read* PIHKAL? or TIHKAL?
> Me. Even bought some sassafras oil.

Possibly interesting anecdote: came down to Austin for orientation
right after graduation from HS in '85, right before X was scheduled.
Drinking age in Texas at the time was 19, but nobody checked. The
*university* loaded us up in buses and took us down to 6th St., the
club area. Went into a bar called Halls. At the bar, after paying
for my first drink, this big roided-out new wave looking bartender
asks me "so you want anything else?" What do you mean? Points at a
jar sitting just back behind the bar, plain as day, a big amber
old-fashioned gallon jar filled with little white pills. ($10 a
piece, IIRC.) Professional looking label printed up on it,
commercially (though not pharmaceutically) manufactured, brand


Turns out there was a corporate lab in Temple, TX. making this stuff
and distributing it through some multilevel marketing system. A
legit biz.

Weird, huh? Commercial X. Sassyfras.

By the time I started the fall semester, of course, that was all
gone; X had been scheduled, etc. etc. But still, a bright shining
moment. ;-) Those guys even had quality control. :-)


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