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From: Kragen Sitaker (
Date: Sun Oct 15 2000 - 16:12:33 PDT

Jay Thomas writes:
> I find it interesting that they pick 4 of Gorps whoppers, try to weasel
> around them, and then try to paint it as a Republican conspiracy.
> Please!!! Liberals own the major media, run the major media, and
> determine the editorial slant of the major media.

I suppose it depends on what you consider "liberal". The Democratic
party, in general, seems pretty conservative to me these days;
mainstream American newspapers, magazines, and television are viciously

> Oh, right, that whole "Whitewater Hoax", that GOP dreamed up, with all
> the missing documents, 6 years of stonewalling, hundreds of witnesses
> dying/fleeing the country/taking the fifth, culminating in 25 criminal
> indictments, and costing as much as *1* Clinton trip to Africa. Yeah,
> that *hoax*. Boy, Kragen, ya gotta be a real rocket-scientist to try to
> figure out where ole Phil's coming from, political-wise.

The question isn't where Phil's loyalties lie; the question is whether
he is telling the truth.

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