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Date: Sun Oct 15 2000 - 19:33:28 PDT

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<< Jay Thomas writes:
> I find it interesting that they pick 4 of Gorps whoppers, try to weasel
> around them, and then try to paint it as a Republican conspiracy.
> Please!!! Liberals own the major media, run the major media, and
> determine the editorial slant of the major media.
liberal controlled media? why, just today while loitering in express
checkout i noticed all the major tabloids were carrying the "hillary is a
lesbian" headline. i think they know their audience.

wwf also has a distinctly conservative (read simplistic) slant, and look at
their ratings. i'm hoping for a major contest come 11/7 to keep the repubs
glued to their ppv and away from the polls.


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