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From: Jesse (
Date: Sun Oct 15 2000 - 22:47:01 PDT

You mean ?

On Mon, Oct 16, 2000 at 05:39:56AM -0000, Karee Swift wrote:
> Hey FoRKers.
> Boy do I love when the school year starts up again. I dissapear and
> find all sorts of new bits to fill my brain with, sans the computer.
> One of them has me rather hooked. I'm doing a paper on the effects of
> the attorney client relationship in cyberspace. A woman by the name
> of CAtherine Lanctot wrote an absoloutely wonderful article titled "
> Attorney-Client Relationships in Cyberspace: The Peril and the
> Promise ".. Its truly awesome reading. I know its available on Lexis
> nexis, but I haven't found it on the net yet. Anyway....
> The bitful question of the moment, for any of you old time radio
> buffs is this: SHe mentioned a radio show that was highly rebuffed
> and bitched at by the ABA, called "Good Will Court". THis was around
> in the '30's, during the depression and offered a forum where
> individuals with legal problems could call up and have them answere
> don the radio by various lawyers and judges. As I'm reading about
> this whole area, and finding it truly fascinating, I was interested
> if any of you guys knew of, or had access to any of the old shows?
> I'm going to geek around on the net some more, but I figured it would
> be interesting listening while I'm writing up this paper, as well as
> it would provide me with the ... proper perspective. :)
> -BB

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