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From: Meltsner, Kenneth (
Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 07:11:31 PDT

The Ash books are almost all out in the US -- #4 is expected in a month or so. They were published by Avon and slightly re-written to cope with the split into 4 bindings. The Ash hardcover is listed at 17 pounds, which means it might be worth buying it from the UK instead of waiting for another $6.50 paperback.

Of interest to geeks is Gentle's novella _To his own devices_, in the British _Scholars and Soldiers_, that involves hypertexts and her favorite, recurring Architect as well as computer-brain interfaces, artificial intelligences and a repressive British government. It's worth tracking down, poss. at, since the same volume also has stories linked to _Rats and Gargoyles_ and _The Architecture of Desire_. [Note: My collection's at home and I'm at work -- I may have some of the titles wrong.]

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On Fri, 13 Oct 2000, Bill Humphries wrote:
> It's _Ash: Or the Secret History_ by Mary Gentle.

I was so sad to discover (via Amazon) that this is not the story of
Ash (of the housewares dept.) from the film "Army of Darkness."
A of D being pretty cool for its hand-done stop-motion work. It was
re-titled from Evil Dead N (I forget the N) because of the
time-travel bit. It strikes me that I haven't seen a good
evil-dead-genre film in a while. A of D has this Harryhausen-level
animation in spots, but is basically a low-budget horror flick in
which a clerk from Walmart or somesuch is thrust "backward in time"
into a generic barbarian fantasy world. It's pretty funny, though
some parts of it seem to have been intended as being as serious as
generic barbarian fantasy ever gets. I refuse to take seriously any
generic barbarian fantasy that doesn't star either Sandahl Bergman or
the Barbarian Brothers. I've actually seen the good-buddy trucker
film in which the Barbarian Brothers look quite out place and in need
of a broadaxe or two.


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