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Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 10:43:09 PDT

I ended up checking the Contento/Locus SF Index at -- a big win, since Charlie Brown of Locus and William Contento have the best data on SF collections, magazine appearances, anthologies, etc. available. It's _Left to his own devices_. _Scholars and Soldiers_ is another (out of print) collection.

For more details, check out
Ken Meltsner

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"Meltsner, Kenneth" <> wrote:
>The Ash books are almost all out in the US -- #4 is expected in a
>month or so. They were published by Avon and slightly re-written to
>cope with the split into 4 bindings. The Ash hardcover is listed at
>17 pounds, which means it might be worth buying it from the UK
>instead of waiting for another $6.50 paperback.

I just picked up a paperback of Ash in Borders on Charing Cross Road.
It is ENORMOUS, with a price to match -- 15 pounds sterling.

>Of interest to geeks is Gentle's novella _To his own devices_, in the
>British _Scholars and Soldiers_, that involves hypertexts and her
>favorite, recurring Architect as well as computer-brain interfaces,
>artificial intelligences and a repressive British government.

Hmm, I'm sure I've read that published in a book by itself, but I
can't check that right now and as you say, Amazon is useless. I picked
it up in a bookshop on Oxford Street of Charing Cross Road, but other
than that I dunno.


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