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From: Zhang, Yangkun (Yangkun.Zhang@FMR.COM)
Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 10:42:12 PDT

> Ah, the simple pleasures of election spam. As I recall, Clinton lobbied
> for NAFTA, demonstrating vision as the leader of a party the GOP likes to
> paint as beholden to labor interests.

Yes, Clinton did lobby hard for NAFTA--he also lobbied hard for fast track
trade negotiations (kudos for him). But he got NAFTA due mostly to GOP
support (save right-winged extremists like Jesse Helms). Look at the voting
records--how many Democrats actually voted for NAFTA? Not many. How many
Democrats voted for PNTR for China? Not many.

Gore is even worse, wanting to tie trade policy to everything from labour
standards to environmental policy. Experience from Thailand shows that no
matter how hard the Thai government tried to meet American labour standards,
American labour interests will always ask for more protectionism. I don't
buy it at all.

Between a "moronic, silver spooned, Jezusfreak from Texas" (true enough) and
a moronic, lying, big-government, tax and spend, protectionist freak from
TN, I'll take the "moronic, silver spooned, Jezusfreak from Texas" any day,
as he would actually be good for the economy instead of taking a wrecking
ball to it!

The freak from TX has put a muzzle on all these right-winger who hope for an
American theocracy modeled after Iran. However, I don't see the freak from
TN doing the same for his left-winger trial-lawyers and labour unions who
wants to sue and strike this nation into a depression.

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