RE: [Election Spam] Bush's Anti-Environmental Advisors

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From: Zhang, Yangkun (Yangkun.Zhang@FMR.COM)
Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 10:16:02 PDT

> Wow, until Yangkun showed me the way, I never knew how much fun I could
> sending election spam to FoRK. I have definitely seen the light.

The stuff I've sent was only marginally related to the election--and only
because I was trying to refute the leftist rants re: Gore's exaggeration in
helping to "create the Internet". The rest were all relating to
economics/taxation. The articles I've sent today were from Red Herring, a
magazine for the VC/IT crowd... hardly a partisan magazine, whereas the
articles YOU and others are posting are from EXTREMELY leftist
organizations--e.g., the EWG. I used to think only Republicans are morons,
now I'm seeing that Democrats are just as idiotic if not worse!

Frankly, I do not understand why people are so concerned with global
warming. I think we should be more concerned with GLOBAL COOLING. After all,
the long term trend tends to be warm intervals shattered with mini-ice ages.

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