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Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 16:58:53 PDT

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<< And the masses buy into it like it was Stone COld and the Rock fighting
 for the belt.


86% of all WWF viewers and 97% of all WWF participants are republican. The
other 3% of the participants are libertarian. So, Mr. Brainpan, the 85% you
claim are democrat journalists "pouring millions" into the Gore campaign (do
you know what the average journalist's salary is?) are actually a smaller
percentage of a smaller group.

And you ignore the Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly factors, both claiming to
be the most listened to/watched "journalist" in their respective media. So,
I question your 85% journalist figure, because if you expand the field of
journalism to include the commentator ilk (yesh, I said ILK) of Limbaugh and
O'Reilly, then you might just as well add Kondrake, Hannity, Zahn and the
other group of bottom feeders (so-called by Chris Matthews) along with
Robertson (who has his own satellite network) to the list of "journalists."
For viewership, they do more than okay.


PS If the liberal media are reporting Bush's sizable lead, doesn't that sort
of quash your theory? Or do you think this is a liberal ploy to lure
republican voters into a state of complacency?

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