Animated yield curve RE: C/G economic record again!

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From: Zhang, Yangkun (Yangkun.Zhang@FMR.COM)
Date: Tue Oct 17 2000 - 07:46:44 PDT

This is even better:

And animated yield curve pegged to the SP500 performance from the beginning
of the C/G administration. You can drag the time bar (the red bar) on the
SP500 graph around from 1993 all the way to 2000, and the left graph shows
you the yield curve. Note during the beginning of the C/G era, the 30 year
yield was far higher than the short term notes and the discount rate--this
indicates the market consensus that Clinton was going to wreck the economy
with his budget plan and health plan. Also note that from 1993 to 1994, the
SP500 was stagnant. After the election of the GOP congress, the market
thinks the government is going to gridlock, and the SP500 takes off, with
the 30 year yield dropping, until the yield curve is gradually flattened,
and finally inverted in 2000.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and I suppose an animation is worth a
million? Does anyone else need more proof that C/G economics was suspect?

> thanks for your offer of "tons of stats" but just one will do. can you
> to a single act of this republican congress, something they defeated or
> enacted against the will of our President (aside from your conjectural
> acrobatics) that led us directly to prosperity in 1994? please, no citing

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