[FoRK Classic] Man, we needed EditThisPage & Newsblogger in 1995...

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From: Adam Rifkin (adam@KnowNow.com)
Date: Tue Oct 17 2000 - 13:32:32 PDT

Interesting that most of the information sources we considered essential
in 1995 are no longer essential.

But we still have the need to keep tab on lots of fresh information via
news, email, and Web.

There are what, 500 million Web surfers out there?
And roughly the same amount of email users out there?
And roughly 100 million instant message users out there?

But only maybe 10,000 publishers of weblogs.

But people who use email and instant messaging and create bookmarks
while websurfing *are* creating new content. Is the difference that
with email and IM, they're mainly creating new content for the benefit
of friends/colleagues, not strangers?

Somewhere in there is a killerApp that makes three orders of magnitude
more "web authors" than the current generation of weblogs and blogs.
Still searching for it...

(BTW, none of Farcast, Newspage, and Infoseek had a bright future...)

> From khare@pest.w3.org Wed Sep 13 07:47:31 1995
> To: gordoni@base.com (Gordon Irlam)
> Subject: Re: Oh, this is *funny*.
> Cc: adam@cs.caltech.edu (I Find Karma), connolly@w3.org, khare@w3.org

> I mean come on, I would *defintely* pay for a well-refined news
> feed, and none of the existing ones work. When I start my day saying
> "I need to know everything going on in my technology areas this week":

> - half a dozen essential mailing lists
> - about a dozen newsgroups, plus another dozen web- and
> net-relevant ones
> - The NYTimes, full hardcopy
> - The NYTimes Fax in a hurry:
> - InfoWorld:
> - PCWeek: http://www.ziff.com/~pcweek/
> - MacWeek: http://www.zdnet.com/~macweek/
> - WebWeek Monday, Web Developer Thursday, IW Friday, Morph's Daily
          Spectrum: http://www.mecklerweb.com/
> - EduPage, as edited by Adam.
> - Interactive Media Weekly Recap: http://www.organic.com/recap/

> And all of this is about half of my surfing budget. Just to stay
> informed, and to "clip" people around me. People like FarCast
> (http://www.farcast.com/), NewsPage (http://www.newspage.com/), and
> InfoSeek (http://www2.infoseek.com/) have very bright
> futures... Unless I rent myself out!

> Your favorite info junkie,
> Rohit Khare

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> From: gordoni@base.com (Gordon Irlam)
> To: adam@cs.caltech.edu (I Find Karma)
> Date: Tue, 12 Sep 1995 15:39:40 -0700 (PDT)
> Subject: Re: Oh, this is *funny*.
> Cc: khare@w3.org
> Sep 11, 95 07:52:52 am
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> > This little gem popped up in my emailbox this morning.
> >
> > Let me see if I understand this. They want me to pay them
> > 23.70 so they can email me web pages for the next 6 months?

> Perhaps not. People don't necessarily have time to read everything
> posted to the net themselves, and so are willing to read pay someone
> else to read netnews for them.

> I just filled out a free trial card for one of those customized info
> services. $30/month is too expensive for me, but if it was $5/month
> I would probably pay. This is the same reason Rohit reads the times
> rather than going down to the pub and engaging in bar room
> conversation when he want to know what is happening in the world.

> I'll mail you a copy so you can see what it is like.

> I think in the world we are moving to people are going to stop
> paying for information, and will be paying to not get information.
> More signal, less noise.

> with Adam around, I don't need to pay for this service,
> I let Adam read and forward net news for me for free,


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